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“Cooking week” is a very special week in our Nursery. We always do it around this date, allowing us to make different recipes with the children that are easy, healthy, and fresh… Some are healthier and others are sweeter!

We always try to make this week coincide with the 28th of May, International Nutrition Day, and it is very important to spread societal awareness of the important role that nutrition plays in our lives, and even more so when they are growing physically, emotionally, and intellectually.

Maintaining a healthy diet during childhood is one of the most important factors for proper growth and development. Adopting healthy eating habits in children helps prevent overweight, obesity, chronic malnutrition, and growth retardation. It also influences their ability to concentrate, and therefore the learning and development processes in different areas.

A healthy diet should have the following characteristics:

Complete: It includes all the food groups in order to obtain all the necessary nutrients for the organism.

Balanced: It should provide the right amounts of each food group, maintaining a balance between them.

Varying: alternating foods from the same group at different meal times. It should include different groups at the same meal time, thus providing color and texture to the dishes.

Harmless: Its preparation and regular consumption does not represent a risk to health, meaning that it is free of pathogenic microorganisms, toxins, preservatives, and contaminants.

Sufficient: It covers the nutritional needs of each individual, so that adults have good nutrition and a healthy weight, and that children develop correctly.

Adequate: It meets the needs and characteristics of each individual, considering gender, age, and physiological and pathological states. It is in line with the tastes and culture of the person who consumes it, without sacrificing other characteristics.

Accessible: It is within the reach of the individual’s economic, social, and geographical possibilities

We leave you with some of the activities that the children have done over the course of this special week, with a special thanks to our parents.