Children at this stage receive comparable attention as to what they recieve at home. Besides work aspects that will facilitate a more balanced and autonomous growth: learning to tolerate small frustrations and evolve from tears to other more appropriate forms of communication.

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Infant 1 Schedule Yago School Nursery

Food– At this age the child can now eat all kinds of food, they begin to sit at tables and manipulate utensils appropriately. The nutritional needs of children depend on their development, weight and measures, and their degree of activity.

Sleeping – The nap calms, relaxes and renews the energies of the youngest, for this moment everyone has their own crib.

Diapering – It will be a fun time where children receive care to start developing itself hygiene habits, it will be held in the bathrooms that are adapted to the little ones.

Potty training – When the child is ready to be potty trained, they start the process offering an educational intervention to the individual needs of each child.

Bilingual learning

As in the senior school, English is the main language of the daily communication in Yago School Nursery Seville, and is used naturally. We have created a specially designed framework to stimulate the three main areas of development, ensuring that English and Spanish simultaneously assimilate.

· Emotional and social development – Learning to communicate feelings, gain self-confidence and people around you and start enjoying the first steps of independence, accepting the first “no”.

· Physical Development – Gross motor skills: acquisition of a level of global motor development. fine motor skills: Once seated by themselves, they can advance the development of fine motor skills and manipulation of objects.

· · Development Theory of Multiple Intelligences intellectual games- Research and exploration, first scribbles, bits of intelligence, stories, lullabies, nursery rhymes, music, rhythm and dance. First words.

My daily routine

Yago School Nursery, Seville informs you about the care of your child, receiving daily information about thei routine, such as their diet, sleep and any other relevant observation at the end of each day. This is done through our electronic platform all the information is sent daily to your mobile device.


Yago School Nursery, Seville school day is from 09:00 -17:00. The expanded “Breakfast Club” is from 07:30 – 09:00 and “Afternoon Club” is from 17:00 – 19:00