Yago School Nursery arises from the need that parents have today to combine their professional careers with the care, attention and education of children in the first cycle of Early Childhood Education.

Our Infant School is part of the integral project of Yago School, where the students have the opportunity to educate themselves and to form themselves from the 0 to the 18 years in a center based on the pillars of our institution: : Traditional Values, Bilingualism, Music, Sport and New Technologies, in this case adapted to the ages and needs of each student. We are well aware that the environment in which children live during the first years of their lives will play a decisive role in the formation of their personality.

In these first stages of children, it is fundamental that the care and needs of all our students are covered. The moments of feeding, sleep, changes of diapers, sphincter control and outdoor play are fundamental for a complete and good development, always along with a solid educational project, with which we can get the best of our students:

– We potentiate creativity, and arouse the interest to discover.

– We use a methodology based on the Development of Intelligence and Early Stimulation.

-We understand bilingualism the ability to use two languages indistinctly and with full powers in both. In order to be bilingual, it is very important to take advantage of the stage of learning the mother tongue, that is, up to 5 years of age. A young child learns naturally, does not translate, and can effortlessly and effortlessly internalize words and phonemes without major complications.

We learn the second language in a natural, playful and intuitive way: from 4 months a child can distinguish his mother tongue from a second language. At Yago School Nursery we establish the bases of spoken English through songs accompanied by gestures, games, dances and flash cards.

Early stimulation influences a person’s intellectual ability and is proven, that teaching a second language to children at an early age, improves neural connections and increases the capacity for intellectual development.

By the time they finish this stage and our students move on to the Senior School, they are able to understand the messages given in English, to do what is indicated and to name a large number of things, as well as to answer you in this second Language spontaneously and naturally. They already have a road.


One of our objectives is to begin to transmit behavior patterns, norms and limits, essential for the correct development of children from a very young age. All this in a specially cared, safe, comfortable and cheerful environment, so that the children integrate in the same without any difficulty and learn in a spontaneous and natural way.

We will focus on the development of the most important aspects in the ages of our children:

  • Coarse psychomotor development.
  • Fine psychomotor development.
  • Emotional development.
  • Social development.
  • Language development.
  • Affective development.
  • Cognitive development.
  • Cognitive development.

Specifically, they are part of our objectives:

  • The senses.
  • Emotions.
  • The knowledge of your body.
  • The acquisition of habits and routines.
  • Play and movement.
  • The discovery of the environment.
  • Coexistence.
  • Feeding.
  • Respect.

All these objectives are progressing according to the evolutionary process of each child, so that we can put them all in the starting line to go to the Senior School.