Infant Feeding

In the different changes that occur in the feeding process of children from 0 to 3 years old, we must take into account how strange the incorporation of new foods can be for them, there are children who accept new things very well and others that instead feel more comfortable and secure with what th

We started 2020-21!!

A different start to the year, but a great start to the year! Our children have once again filled Yago School Nursery with joy and excitement and all the staff are very excited to be with them again, enjoying different moments in which they are all going to learn in a safe, cared for and […]

The importance of the family

Being a parent is one of the most intense and important experiences in a person’s life. The 0-3 stage is beautiful, but it is also difficult. You incorporate a little person with so many needs into the life you were used to, with all its implications: education, routines, habits, food, ta

Early Stimulation

metodo glenn doman en yago school nursery
GLENN DOMAN’S EARLY STIMULATION PROGRAM After some research and several trainings in which we have had the opportunity to know in depth the benefits of the “Glenn Doman Method”, we understand that it is about taking advantage of the maximum potential of each child and providing the

Market Week in our Nursery

There is nothing like teaching children with real-life experiences and symbolic games! They enjoy learning, they learn by playing, they play by remembering and they remember by experiencing. Now it´s the Market Week turn.  Market Week in Yago School Nursery During the past week our Nurser