In the different changes that occur in the feeding process of children from 0 to 3 years old, we must take into account how strange the incorporation of new foods can be for them, there are children who accept new things very well and others that instead feel more comfortable and secure with what they already know.

The first time we introduce children to new food, whether pureé or solid, we are providing them with a range of new flavors, smells and textures. They may seem confused, scrunch their nose, play with the food in their mouth, or reject it altogether . On the contrary, they can also surprise us by really enjoying it.

It is important to talk to the baby during the process, sing a song and try to make them as calm and relaxed as possible.

It is essential that the baby gets used to the routine we adopt at feeding time: sit down, put on the bib, see and hold the spoon before starting, rest between each spoonful and stop when they are full. These early experiences which will help your child learn good eating habits throughout their life.