Our nursery school is created in a privileged environment which is comfortable, cheerful, caring, safe and also bilingual, so that our students begin to be immersed in their second language from the first words which they speak.

All facilities have the necessities to ensure the safety and welfare of our young children.

Our Classrooms

The educational area consists of classrooms equipped and adapted to different ages, equipped with teaching materials needed at each stage: interactive whiteboards, a classroom library, table and chairs, lots of floor space, personal spaces such as hangers and storage systems for teaching students to be responsible for their things. All the classrooms are connected by large windows and also have outside ventilation.


The importance of hygiene is key in this age group. In our nursery school we have separate bathrooms, but integrated into the classroom to promote the children to learn these habits in a correct and disciplined manner. Sinks and toilets are adapted to their height, changing tables, a bath & shower and ample storage for everything you need in the care of our students (diapers, wipes, special creams, soap, towels, personal sponges …).

Outdoor Garden

We have a large garden of 900m2, with natural grass areas and artificial turf that enable the motor development of the children, the development of their imagination, fantasy games, role playing, introduction to sports, social development, as well as holding different outdoor events: The Summer Show, grandparents day, birthdays …

Shaded areas are also very important therefore we have jacaranda trees, lemon trees, orange trees and false peppers.

Kitchen & Dining Room

We have our own kitchen, a modern kitchen with a variety of resources for our students to lead a balanced and varied diet with fresh produce, adapted to every age and the food is made fresh each day by our professional chef.

Feeding time at hese ages are key, since it is in the stage of 0 to 3 years when they begining to learn to use the different elements of the table, to be properly seated and to try different flavors and textures.

It is a complex yet rewarding task and parents can have peace of mind that during the five days of the week your children are doing it correctly.

Nap Room

In our nursery school we serve the enormous importance of the moment of rest and sleep. At these ages sleep for children is a physiological and psychological need. We help and educate students in this important habit.

For this we have a unique and exclusive space for nap time, divided into an area for cots for the younger ones and an area for small beds.

Psychomotricity room, Sensory room and Relaxation room

These rooms are designed for the physical development of the children all suitable for their ages.

When working with motor skills with our students, it is very important to consider the environment in which these activities are carried out. To carry our P.E, it requires space, and correct equipment, and a place where they can express what they have learned with comfort.

It is a large space, conditioned and fitted with all the necessary equipment to carry out the sessions.